Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updating! Satire project

I keep forgetting I have this blog oops. Anyway, here's some pics I took of the first of my two satire projects for class. I didn't finish my Palin barbie just yet, but I'll post some pics later.

Made this for my friend last week, lol at the photoshop star brush yeah I'm cheap like that : P

I also did two animations for traditional animation, cause at first I was told to make him sneak up on something (which I got a bit carried away with) but I wasn't really sure about the final result of that, especially its not much of a walk its just a step or so. So I did another a cross the screen, though he doesn't walk off the screen I hope that's okay! Spitz is the fox, he's an older character of mine. I modified him a bit though for the walks.


There's an old oekaki of him lol ew its two years old D: