Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh wait I lied, I did draw some personal art this summer! This is my character, Roger. I need to draw him more! He's got a pretty cool backstory. The gist of it is, this guy wanted to prove to his village he was strong and brave, so he defeated the masked demon that lived outside their village. When he defeated the demon, he actually inherited it's powers, and became the new bearer of the demon mask. It's basically fused to his face. So now he's on the run, because instead of gaining all the fame and glory, the entire village became an angry mob hunting the new demon down.

BUT what's cool about this pic is, it's actually from a tutorial I made! I had a lot of people wondering how I made lintless art in photoshop so quickly and cleanly- so I felt inspired to make a tutorial of my method! Check it out here: http://fav.me/d5080lm

And here's some more lineless artwork I've done in the past couple months:
My Harpy character!

And here's a commission I did of someone's character:

Woah. I forgot I had a blog spot!! Sorry about that, I'm much more active on tumblr nowadays. But I should really try to post some more artwork here, so that's what I'm here to do right now! I actually didn't draw a bunch of my own artwork this summer, but that's mainly because I had an internship that kept me very busy (it was awesome!) But let's see if I can find something to share. So this here is Anna Sharpe! She's a feisty little hair dresser, with a big attitude and loads of hair stylist talent. Anna is one of the characters for my senior thesis :D Currently finishing up her model right now! I actually redesigned her just a week before I got to school. Her old design (not the one posted up there) had her looking way too old and not as spunky as I needed her to be. That is my other character, the Ghost! She doesn't have a name, so I just call her ghost. (Though I'm sometimes tempted to call her Split Ends) She's a really fun character to draw, so let's hope I can pull that personality into the 3d realm!