Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Iconic Moments- Story Ideas

Here's some illustrations I've done for my concept class. We had to come up with a different story pitch for each class, each from a different topic or inspiration. Then we'd make a story and then the iconic moment! I love doing these type of things.

Inspiration from Life.

When I was a baby and learning how to walk, I didn't learn how to stop fast enough and ran straight into a corner of a desk and cracked my head open. Aw yeah!

Inspiration from an Illustration

I found this really awesome digital painting with a lady playing a giant a lullaby. Somehow that turned into an evil hateful monster wrecking a town and a young girl having to play a magic song to calm the soul of the beast.

Inspiration from Book/Movie/TV

A strange combo of X files and Fantasia 2000 inspired this one :D Little forest nymph has to learn life isn't full of fun and games, and that she can not be ignorant of the devastation going on around her. It's time to stand up and fight!

People Watching

We got to watch people downtown for story ideas. I also got starbucks and was distracted by this silly crow most of the time. I was gonna do a story about a girl wanting icecream but a foofoo dog breaking free from its snobbish owner sounded like a lot more fun.

Some Commissions and Other Pics

Some recent commissions I took on my DeviantArt. I really enjoy working in this simple papercut/scrapbooky looking style. The Easter pic is characters from the petsite I work for.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sit Stand

Everything that could've gone wrong or crash maya went wrong in the process of making my sit stand. I seriously had the worst of luck. I'm glad I was able to pull through in the end and still make something I was proud of! Im sorry the quality of the vid is bad, blogspot tends to make things look not so great. Anyway, there's my lil' groundhog! And lol at my voice, I couldn't find anything suitable for a groundhog, so I improvised with my own attempt XD

edit: WOW blogger made my video practically unviewable it got so pixelated, hopefully this one from photobucket looks clearer!