Monday, September 20, 2010


Apparently, Blogger doesn't like it when I add an animated.gif, so instead, I post from my online img account thingy ma bob :D Pixel icon I did for myself woo! I love making little video game pixel things.

Blogger is being lame and none of my videos are uploading :| *trying other sites* vimeo is lame yo, why does it make me wait an hour for it to upload completely o_O; Shoulda stuck to photobucket

Aside from that, here, have some random stuff!
(I also need to figure out why my blog doesn't show up for other people, I feel so lonely on here ;w;)

My character sheet for the pantomime project:

A pic I did for someone's birthday:


  1. Alex looks like he belongs in Scott Pilgrim, but that's just what I think.

  2. Aggh I love animated pixel things! You should totally do more imo because they are awesome