Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Primitive Theater! I wish I was able to get a couple more frames in the end so the sound effect of the magic cauldron didn't go by so quickly, but at least Im still within 240 :P

Man my up light is tricky, cause of that darn hat of his! I kept tweaking it to make it hotter but I couldn't go any more then this without the whole scene being affected, but you can see his eyes throughout the whole scene, so I think im okay :D

Oh and my frog animatic, it's still a teeny rougher in some parts then Im usually okay with, but It gets the idea across! I gotta stop being OCD over things! XD


  1. Awwww adorable Primitive theater! and i really liked your Frog Animatic. very well done. but no time to dawdle, weve got lip sync to do! :)

  2. Thanks!! :D Ahh lip sync @W@ Im interested in seeing everyone's finished animations for that